• New Work: Healthy Glow Branding

    I had the amazing opportunity to not just brand but also help name Jayme Roman's new health and nutrition blog. She already had an existing following on Instagram under the name of Healthy Happy Mama, but she wanted to take it to the next level, start a blog and be able to have a well rounded brand.

    We came up with the name Healthy Glow, based on the idea that every woman wants to have that healthy, happy glow. As well, woman are always said to glow when they are pregnant, something that Jayme discusses on her blog, health during and after pregnancy. It was the perfect fit for her!

    The logo needed to be something that was not too specific to fitness or food, it had to cross all areas of fitness and be all encompassing so it could be flexible for any future projects Jayme decided to pursue. 

    word mapping & sketches:

    initial concepts:

    final brand & support elements:

    Thank you to Jayme for being such a pleasure to work with and check out her blog and her instagram page. She has some amazing recipes to try out!