• In Action: Bluefish Projects Trailer Wrap

    Bluefish Projects is a Calgary based home renovation company that is owned by my fantastic older brother Matt! When Matt decided to start his company, I was able to do all of his branding and subsequent print materials. I was also able to do the design for a full wrap for his trailer that carries all of his equipment for his renovations. It is always fun to get photos of what it ends up looking like in the end. 

    This was a great opporunity to build out secondary graphics for the Bluefish brand. I was able to add addtional colours like the green to their palette and I created the rolling layered hills to reflect the Calgary scenery, and the assorted houses on the hillside. 

    front & passenger side:

    back end:

    Truck & trailer drivers side:

    Here is the Bluefish Projects logo that started it all:

    We have a new Bluefish Projects website currently in development that will be launching soon, stay tuned!