• New Work: Fort McMurray Trade Shows Branding

    Fort McMurray Tourism is a new client of mine, and I could not be more excited! I have been working with them quite extensively lately, and one of the new projects I completed recently was a logo for Fort McMurray Trade Shows. They wanted a logo that kept the brand colours of Fort McMurray Tourism, but captured community and shopping into the logo.   


    I researched trade shows throughout Canada and the world, and discovered that there were not a lot of brands for trade shows. This left the window wide open for what we could do. 

    initial concepts:

    I wanted to create something that played with the northern lights, like the Fort McMurray Tourism logo does, but gave it a new spin. I also wanted to capture that surprise and excitement that comes with travelling to a trade show and seeing all these new vendors. 

    colour concepts:

    After reviewing the initial concepts, the client decided that they wanted to go in more of a shopping focused direction, making use of a bag within the design. I came up with some additional designs for them to review, and with a couple of tweaks, we had our final design.  

    I have created a supporting design for the whole trade show season for Fort McMurray, and have been really excited about the design of this years set of trade shows. Find out more about this upcoming trade show season by visiting them online