• Branding: The Map to Health

    Monika Poon is the mind and passion behind The Map to Health, a holistic lifestyle blog with a focus on nutrition, fitness, wellness and beauty. Monika had followed me for a quite a while on social media, and had in the back of her mind that she wanted rebrand her site. 


    When we met, Monika mentioned she wanted to created somethign that was feminine and youthful, something that spoke of quality. We wanted it to be clean, youthful, floral and organic in tone to match the direction of her blog.  

    initial concepts:

    I wanted to explore the idea of guidance as a visual metaphor for The Map to Health. The idea that she will guide people to solutions for a healthy lifestyle made ideas like constellations and compasses a perfect solution. I also wanted to explore the idea of a terrarium, which is a complete environment that doesn't require anything outside to thrive, and organic forms like leaves and branches. 

    revised concepts:

    Monika was really drawn to quite a few concepts, and wanted to explore them further. The compass design and the lunar feel of the constellations drew us to a more literal revised concept. This design became a combination of a few of the above concepts, merging the lunar cycles and the compass into one design. 

    The final design captured everything that Monika had wanted. It is strong and packs a visual punch with lots of built in visual metaphors. 

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