• Branding: Care and Beyond Pharmacy

    Care & Beyond Pharmacy is a new pharmacy that is opening in Leduc this year. When I was approached regarding the branding, Terry and Taher (owners of Care & Beyond) really wanted the brand to emphasize that connection to their patients. Their top priority is providing a more hands on experience for those that come to them, building relationships and getting to know their patients in order to serve them better.


    When coming up with my initial concepts and sketching, I really wanted to focus in on icons that would build that sense of interaction and service to their patients. Building in symbology that reflected the ideas of what Care & Beyond Pharmacy is all about. Strong long term relationships where people feel comfortable asking questions and their pharmacists knows them.

    initial concepts:

    With my initial concepts, I played with a variety of ideas that focused on a positive energy, a connection to people, and a connection to the caring environment that Care & Beyond was creating. 

    colour concepts:

    The design the was selected was such a great idea with layered metaphors. It builds that strong medical base tone by using overall shape of a cross, but then twists it by making each section a person, with arms extended overhead, building that patient connection within the design. It gives that idea of a community working together to create something bigger than each of the individual pieces, creating a really dynamic, interesting and memorable icon. 

    Keep your eyes open if you are in Leduc for the opening of this pharmacy.