• Branding: Care and Beyond Pharmacy

    Care & Beyond Pharmacy is a new pharmacy that is opening in Leduc this year. When I was approached regarding the branding, Terry and Taher (owners of Care & Beyond) really wanted the brand to emphasize that connection to their patients. Their top priority is providing a more hands on experience for those that come to them, building relationships and getting to know their patients in order to serve them better.


    When coming up with my initial concepts and sketching, I really wanted to focus in on icons that would build that sense of interaction and service to their patients. Building in symbology that reflected the ideas of what Care & Beyond Pharmacy is all about. Strong long term relationships where people feel comfortable asking questions and their pharmacists knows them.

    initial concepts:

    With my initial concepts, I played with a variety of ideas that focused on a positive energy, a connection to people, and a connection to the caring environment that Care & Beyond was creating. 

    colour concepts:

    The design the was selected was such a great idea with layered metaphors. It builds that strong medical base tone by using overall shape of a cross, but then twists it by making each section a person, with arms extended overhead, building that patient connection within the design. It gives that idea of a community working together to create something bigger than each of the individual pieces, creating a really dynamic, interesting and memorable icon. 

    Keep your eyes open if you are in Leduc for the opening of this pharmacy. 

  • Branding: Secret Ingredient Event Management

    Abby Oleksy was starting her own event planning business and needed brand to get her started. When we discussed her brand, she really wanted something that felt like her, bubbly, happy and memorable. She also wanted it to have a timeless, fun and fresh tone, something that would appeal to brides looking for someone to plan their wedding, but also professional for companies looking for someone to plan their next big event. The name of "Secret Ingredient" lent itself to so many ideas.


    In my starting sketches, I wanted to play with the idea of a secret, something that you want to keep safe and secure. The notion that Abby would be giving people a sense of security on these big days that she was planning for them. I also wanted to play with a sense of whimsy and surprise, a light hearted tone that made her logo feel really special. 

    initial concepts:

    In the initial designs, I played with the icon of a key as that keeper of the secret. Allowing people to unlock possibilities and potential for their events. I also played with scripts and confetti, which both feel lively and fun while also still maintaining the professional tone. I wanted to be sure that all the concepts fit Abby's personality but also made people take her seriously as an event manager, someone they could trust.

    colour concepts:

    The selected concept was the confetti design, which was my favourite right from the beginning. It was the perfect fit for Abby personally and professional. The light airy confetti of varying sizes is grounded by professional, easy to read type, giving this design that perfect mix that will appeal to a wide range of clientele.

  • Branding: Killick Leadership Group

    I was recently approached by Cathy Goulet from Killick Leadership Group to take a look at her branding. She already had an existing logo but was looking for a new design that better reflected her company. Killick Leadership Group specializes in strategic planning, group facilitation, community engagement consulting, leadership development and coaching services.  They focus on creating simple elegant solutions for their clients, with a focus on a value and solution driven ideas.

    The killick in her name (which is a type of anchor) was important to keep in the design, as it is a strong centre point of her brand and has even commissioned a craftsperson to make her killicks to give to clients at the end of projects.


    In the sketches, I was very focussed on how I could visually reinterpret the killick as an icon, and make it more modern and clean. The previous logo was a sketched, true to life version of a killick, but I wanted to create something a bit more abstract but maintaining the overall shapes of a killick.

    initial concepts:

    In the initial designs,  I played with various type solutions as well as layouts that fit with the icons I created. I tried to show a range of geometric icons and more flowy icons to give a good range and variety in the solutions. 

    colour concepts:

    Cathy immediately knew that the facet style design was the perfect design for her. It was light and airy and captured all that she was hoping to say in the new design. For colour, she really wanted to try out water tones, which made perfect sense with the icon and her roots in the maritimes. I presented several options that used blues and greens, as well as a chartreuse option, just to give something different. She selected the the teal and grey combination and we were done and ready to move on to the business card. 

    Find Killick Leadership Group online at

  • Branding: Alternate Route Coffee Co.

    Every now and then a branding project comes along that I am just so, so excited to be a part of, I just have to restrain myself from sounding too excited. I have always had a soft spot in my heart for coffee, it is a great love for my whole family (I am pretty sure my dad is 90% coffee). When I met with Ian Wahl, he explained how coffee roasting was a true passion for him. His company was going to be focused on roasting in small batches to ensure love goes into every bean and that quality and freshness are maintained.


    Ian had a general tone in mind for his design. He wanted to create something that had a hippy sort of feel, think of those surfers in camper vans travelling along the coast catching the next big wave. He wanted something that had an organic energy felt hip, but not too trendy. He wanted a laid back feel that captured the idea of self fullfillment.  

    initial concepts:

    In the initial designs,  I wanted the wanderer vibe to be right up front. I loved the visual of a camper van to explain that overall tone but I also wanted to explore some new ideas, like a hot air balloon or mountain trail. Travelling and exploring were top of mind. 

    revised concepts:

    Completely torn between two concepts (the hot air balloon and the mountain explorer)  Ian asked what I thought. I loved both concepts so much, but the mountain design just really felt like it captured everything he had communicated in our consultation. I had to trust my gut and it turned out he felt the same way. 

    We explored colour, but Ian was really drawn to the high contrast of black and grey, with a little pop of a mustard yellow. That was it, logo complete. 

    Find Alternate Route Coffee Co on facebook and instagram

  • Branding: The Map to Health

    Monika Poon is the mind and passion behind The Map to Health, a holistic lifestyle blog with a focus on nutrition, fitness, wellness and beauty. Monika had followed me for a quite a while on social media, and had in the back of her mind that she wanted rebrand her site. 


    When we met, Monika mentioned she wanted to created somethign that was feminine and youthful, something that spoke of quality. We wanted it to be clean, youthful, floral and organic in tone to match the direction of her blog.  

    initial concepts:

    I wanted to explore the idea of guidance as a visual metaphor for The Map to Health. The idea that she will guide people to solutions for a healthy lifestyle made ideas like constellations and compasses a perfect solution. I also wanted to explore the idea of a terrarium, which is a complete environment that doesn't require anything outside to thrive, and organic forms like leaves and branches. 

    revised concepts:

    Monika was really drawn to quite a few concepts, and wanted to explore them further. The compass design and the lunar feel of the constellations drew us to a more literal revised concept. This design became a combination of a few of the above concepts, merging the lunar cycles and the compass into one design. 

    The final design captured everything that Monika had wanted. It is strong and packs a visual punch with lots of built in visual metaphors. 

    Find The Map to Health at: website  | facebook  |  instagram   

  • Branding: Bayloch Homes

    Bayloch Homes is an artisan home builder and renovation specialist in Calgary, Alberta. Bayloch connected with me after they saw the branding that I completed for Bluefish Projects in Calgary. They loved the personality and custom tone of the design and wanted something like that for himself.  


    The name of Bayloch Homes comes from a number of factors, but a huge influence in the name of the company was the connection to water for the founders, who are all of Scottish descent. With that said, I knew I had to include some sort of water influence in the logo design. 

    initial concepts:

    The intial concepts incorporated the water element, but played with linear lines, connecting to the structure and angles of construction. 


    James and Brendan of Bayloch connected right away with the selected concept. It's mix of flowing and linear lines made it the perfect design for their business. They asked to see some colour options with the design inverted so it was more solid. I love when clients have great ideas, and this was definitely one of them. The inverted design won my heart immediately and the grey and aqua palette sealed the deal for Bayloch Homes. 

    You can find Bayloch Homes online and in Calgary creating gorgeous custom homes for all of their clients. Their superb high end finishes and custom details make their homes stand above the rest. 

  • Branding: La Boule Patisserie Bakery

    La Boule Patisserie + Bakery is the newest addition to the Edmonton bakery scene. It is also right in the Whyte Avenue area, within walking distance from my home (this could be a problem).

    I met with owner and pastry chef Jennifer Stang to discuss her branding and she mentioned wanting something clean, modern, with a slightly masculine and industrial feel. She provided a Pinterest board of the overall tone and feel she was hoping to capture in her space. Pinterest boards are one of my favorite client resources, as it allows me to regularly check in and ensure the logos I am creating feel in keeping with the rest of the brand vision. 


    Boule in french means ball, and is a type of bread (think cream puff). I wanted to explore the round shape within my designs, but I also didn't want to feel limited by that visual. A bakery naturally has so many visuals that lend themselves to it, but I wanted to try and steer clear of cliches and create something fresh, that would really capture the tone of her space. 

    initial concepts:

    The intial concepts I created were inspired by the industrial feel she was creating within her space (the top two concepts) but also playing with more traditional visuals (the rolling pin and melting chocolate in the bottom two concepts). 

    revised concepts:

    Jennifer was drawn to the top two more geometric and type based designs, but wanted to explore fonts for the second concept, and play with the E on the first concept. She loved the stenciled style, but wanted to try fonts that had a bit more of an art deco flair to them. I showed the two concepts revised, and the first concept was it. 

    Jennifer had always planned that the brand would be sticking with black and white, with maybe some silver infused, but once we got underway on the exterior signage, copper became part of the brand palette. I was so excited as it is such a perfect fit for her brand and adds life to the logo. 

    I have worked with Jennifer to create a monogram for La Boule that is featured on tiny chocolate buttons on all their tarts, as well as their business cards and the big one, their new website! We are just putting the finishing touches on the website, but I can't wait to share it with everyone. 

    La Boule Patisserie + Bakery opens today, December 6, and is located at 8020 - 101 Street, Edmonton.

    Check them out: online  |  facebook  |  instagram

  • Branding: Instinct Construction

    Instinct Construction is a local builder and developer, who specializes in residential building and renovations and is also looking to branch into commercial development. Brad and Catherine Litwin came to me looking for a brand for their company that would help them grow and really stand apart. They wanted something that was modern, simple and clean. The one idea they had was a lightbulb somehow being incorporated, but they want to fully explore ideas. 


    With the name Instinct Construction, I began exploring the idea of instinct. What animals have the natural instinct to build? I began exploring ideas using birds, beavers, bees among others. I also explored the light bulb concept, as it was something that was specifically mentioned. The notion of an idea taking form was what they wanted to communicate, since much of what Brad does is so unique because he has the ability to visualize and see the potential in what he has to work with. The light bulb was a great visual for this, but I also sketched plants and leaves, focusing on the metaphor of growth. 

    initial concepts:

    The initial concepts explored all that was mentioned above, using geometric shapes to capture the tone of building and architecture, but also exploring ideas like honeycombs, rooftops, and nests. I gent the supporting type linear and clean.

    colour concepts:

    Brad and Catherine immediately loved the lightbulb concept. It made such a strong impression and had such a great icon to it that they decided to go with it. We explored colour, with celery green and grey in the back of my mind as colours they had mentioned they really like. After seeing colour options, they completely surprised me by selecting a yellow-orange and grey concept. I loved this option and was so excited they decided this was the right fit for them. 

  • Branding: Zolmer Design Co.

    I recently completed a logo design for Zolmer Design + Co, an interior designer based out of the Spruce Grove. Carly had previously hired a designer to do her logo, but after seeing initial concepts, she just didn't love any of the concepts and decided it was time to hire someone new to give it a whirl. She had ideas in mind, but wanted me to go through my natural process of design. She was looking for something traditional, with clean lines and a vintage flair. She had a circular shape, possibly a woodcut style in mind, but was open to anything at this point. 


    Because she wanted to see something circular, I decided to explore a monogram style design. I also wanted to play with fully type based logos, using fonts that had crisp lines to them. 

    initial concepts:

    For the initial concepts, I showed a variety of designs, that all were in keeping with that traditional design with a little bit of punch and flair. All the design were presented in black and white, as Carly knew she wanted to keep her logo minimal with colour, and let the design speak for itself. Carly really loved concept 2 (the 100% type concept) and concept 4 (with the handwritten style font). After some deliberating, she decided that the type based concept best fit her personal aesthetic and would take her brand in the direction she wanted to go. 

    With a minor type revision on the font used on ZOLMER, we were good to go. The logo for Zolmer Design + Co was a very seamless easy process, with Carly a delight to work with. 

    Zolmer Design + Co can be found online and on Instagram

  • Branding: New Moose Consulting

    Lori Sokoluk is the mind behind New Moose Consulting. I worked with Lori this past year on a logo for her company. The name of her company comes from a story a colleague once told her about how the community is often so busy chasing rabbits (sources of funding) that they don’t notice that there is a moose right behind them. Then stated that “planning is the new moose". This was the beginning of her brand. She didn't want to incorporate a literal moose necessarily into the design but did want something that told the story of her roots and potentially incorporated beadwork into the design. 


    I wanted to play with the beadwork idea, but also play with other natural elements, that connected to the strong history and strength of her Aboriginal background. I also wanted to try to tell the story of her brand name origin in one of the designs. 

    initial concepts:

    The initial designs explored everything I had thought about in the initial sketch stages, beadwork, story telling, patterns and nature. 

    Lori connected right away to the beadwork flower design, which was a perfect balance of modern and traditional design. We explored font options for this design, as well as the layout of the logo. 

    To assist with the decision of the layout and font, Lori asked if she could see some colour options to consider. She had a strong connection to the colour turquoise, and after seeing other options, she decided that turquoise and purple were the right fit for her. We explored various shades and landed on just the right combination. 

  • Branding: Plum Home Design

    Plum Home + Design is a well established shop and interior design company that I have been working with for the past two years. Earlier this year, Jenna and I began chatting about the need for a redesign of their brand. She felt as though the brand had grown beyond their logo and the aesthetic vision of their company had changed. They wanted their brand to be something approachable but elegant. 


    The old Plum brand featured a monogram, and that was something we wanted to consider with the evolution of this brand. I played with flowy scripts and sturdy serifs through sketches and into concepts, to give a range of what was possible. 

    initial concepts:

    Plum Home and Plum Design both regularly make use of antiques and vintage pieces, selling them in their store and sourcing them for the design of client spaces. I was inspired by that connection to vintage and wanted to make sure the designs I presented fit that tone. 

    Jenna immediately connected with the script font in the intial concepts, and wanted to explore that further. What I love about a script font is how it naturally connects the client with those behind the company. If gives you a feeling of personal connection. We just had to find the perfect script. 

    After exploring scripts, we decided it might be better to invert the script and serif, so the script acts as a supporting element and the serif is the sturdy base. This adds a strong contrast to the previous Plum brand and also provides a clear direction for the rest of the branding of Plum. 

    From the variety of serif fonts to choose from, we built out the rest of the logos for the brand, having the Plum Home + Design logo as the main brand, and the Plum Home, Plum Design and Baby Plum logos all sitting under that main brand umbrella. I wanted all the logos to feel visually connected to one another, and really feel like a family. 

    With these logos now in place, we are working away at all the other supporting items that come with a new brand, so window decals, bags, tags and more will gradually be replaced. When rebranding, it can feel like a daunting and financially exhausting task to replace everything you currently have with the new brand. Taking your time and replacing brand items as they come up allows clients to make the transition without having a ton of waste from previous brand items. 

    Plum Home (the retail space) can be found on 124 street,  12407 108 Avenue.

    They can also been found: online | twitter | facebook | instagram

  • Branding: Rebus Builders

    This logo was created to Fort McMurray based Rebus Builders. Rebus Builders previously specialized in plastering, but were rebranding to become Rebus Builders, as they were moving in to full development. Having been in business for over 20 years, they wanted this new logo to have a fresh take on their brand, and appeal to younger families, commercial and residential development. 


    Rachelle with Rebus Builders specifically mentioned wanting to see something that made use of a house and/or blueprints. I wanted to play with those ideas, but also show other options for the design. 

    initial concepts:

    I played with stong geometric shapes in the intial designs, playing with the lines that occur in all building. I did show one design based on the idea of blueprints, but also using those lines to create a house shape. 

    We changed up the supporting font to have a bit more contrast to the main font in the logo. From there we worked on colour. Rebus was naturally drawn to more neutral fonts, but I wanted to push them toward something with a bit more pop. I showed them several options, and we found the middle ground that felt best for them. Using a blue-gray with a navy was the best fit for Rebus Builders. It gave them the modern tone to the design that they were looking for right from the beginning. 

  • Branding: Mantra

    The latest logo to share is for Mantra: Sacred Yogic Teachings. This year I was contact by April Cantafio to assist her in the design of a new logo for her yoga teaching. I had previously worked with April on the Anahata Rising logo, and we had such a great time working together, so I was thrilled to get to do another logo for her. Fun fact! When working at Woodward Design, April came and interned with us as a graphic designer. I think this has been an absolute blessing to me as I have worked with her, as she has a very strong knowledge of design, but her life has just gone a different direction, and she wanted someone else with an outside perspective to work on her brand. 


    April really wanted her brand to be fresh and elegant, with clean lines and a geometric tone to it. There are definitely icons that are commonly associated with yoga, so I wanted to be aware of those, but do something different. 

    initial concepts:

    April feels a strong connection to the number 3 (3 Gunas), so I thought that integrating a triangle, with its 3 sides would be a clever way of playing with that. Mandalas are also strong symbols within yoga, as well as elements of nature, so I played with all of those elements when developing my concepts. 

    April connected right away with the mandala logo I had made. She wanted to try developing it a bit more, giving it a bit more of a geometric quality and playing with the triangle, while also giving it the general feeling of a flower or 6 point star. 

    From there, we played with a bit of typography and the symbol just a bit, to ensure we had it just right. Sometimes a client needs to see other options, just to know they are making the correct choice. When I choose the perfect font right out of the gate, sometimes it seems almost too easy, so exploring allows the client to feel sure of their decision and that it is the perfect fit for them. As long as I feel we are moving forward in a positive direction, I am always happy to oblige, and work with my clients. 

    Last step was colour, and this was very easy. April immediately was drawn the the bright blue and navy combination. Another logo complete! I am so happy I was able to work with April again, and get to know her and her yoga practice.

    Mantra can be found at: website  |  facebook  |  instagram

  • Branding: Givens LLP

    This year, I worked with Ed Marketing and Communications to complete a brand redesign for Givens LLP. Givens is a professional accounting firm with offices in three locations, Edmonton, Elk Point and Fort Saskatchewan. The firm partners wanted to create a new brand for their organization that would touch on the history of the company but really push the boundaries of what is typically seen for accounting brands. They wanted something that was mix of formal and fun and that would appeal to new clients and employees while also being a brand that their current employees could embrace.


    The previous Givens logo was a signature that they had held on to for a long time. I wanted to explore options that played with the signature concept, but also options that took the brand in a whole new direction, infusing meaning and depth into all the logos that were presented to the client. 

    initial concepts:

    For the initial concepts, I wanted to infuse the idea of teamwork into the designs. Givens has such a well rounded team of people who are working for all of their clients, and that is part of what they have built their reputation on. They strive to build strong relationships with their clients and always be a company you can depend on, someone who will answer your calls, return your emails, and let you know you are in good hands. 

    With all concepts that I present for logos, I always include explanations of my thought process behind each design. The logos that are the most successful are the ones that have that deeper meaning to them, beyond just looking great. The elements within the design should speak to what the client is about, and visual metaphors and techniques are a great way to communicate that. 

    The client was thrilled with the initial designs when presented, and took the black and white concepts back to the office to think about and land on the selected design. The design selected was the woven concept, which was always one of my favorites. From selecting the concept, we moved to colour. Because Givens wanted to move in a more current direction, I presented colour options in a range of brighter colours that had a bit more punch, complimenting that with strong neutrals that would support them. 

    The final logo design made use of bright teals and yellow-green to really give the brand the pop that the organization was looking for. We created a second version of the logo with the full Charter Professional Accountants title, to be used when more clarity on what the organization does is needed. 

    We have since applied this logo on to everything! Business cards, letterhead, envelopes, folders and more, this logo has been easy and successful to apply across all mediums. 

    Givens LLP online and they are an amazing group for any small business needing an accountant. 

  • New Work: Insite Developments

    Avery Gartner is the creative mind behind Insite Developments and the brother of Bailey Gartner, one of the owners of Harrow Hair Company (who's logo I also completed). Avery came to me to help put together his vision for the Insite Developments brand, which specializes in custom carpentry and furniture design. Avery previously went to fashion school, so he has a strong sense of design and had put quite a bit of thought into what his brand would be like. He wanted something that was edgy, modern and a touch futuristic.  


    Avery really liked the idea of including a speed square within his design, especially because one of his favorite tools to work with is his speed square. It ensures perfect lines and crisp corners, and that really does capture Insite Developements. 

    initial concepts:

    I designed a range of ideas for Insite Developments, inspired by all the details we had discussed. I wanted them to have strong lines and geometric form.

    revised concepts:

    Avery loved two of the designs and wanted to find a way to combine them into one interesting design. We explored with horizontal and vertical formats, and also keeping or removing parts of the letters. The final design fits Avery and Insite Developments perfectly. The repeating lines within the icon communicate feel like a modern take on wood grain, and allow the shape of a speed square, a capital I and a capital D to hide within the icon. 

    Insite Developments can be found on Instagram and you can also see all the beautiful work that Avery has made. His attention to detail is incomparable and his creativity is clear. 

  • New Work: Iron Elements

    Iron Elements is the design and creation of Bruce Porter, an Edmonton welder who has been in the business for 15 years. He recently decided to move into furniture design, with his pieces having a very industrial and modern tone to it. With his brand, Bruce wanted to ensure that his logo captured that aesthetic. 


    When researching for the design, I discovered that very few welders had inspiring or interesting branding. This left the door wide open for the direction that I could go with the Iron Elements branding. I flipped through the Iron Elements Instagram thoroughly to really get a sense of the work that Bruce is creating.

    initial concepts:

    I presented a range of logo designs that all felt modern and industrial, but really varied in weight and shape. They all took inspiration from the images I had seen on the Iron Elements Instagram page, and the beautiful lines within their creations.

    revised concepts:

    Bruce selected the design he liked but asked to see some variations on the M within the design. Once we had revised design, the final design was selected and the logo was completed. We applied to logo to a custom business card which I will feature in the coming weeks. You can see the beautiful work of Iron Elements on their Instagram page and you can also find his contact information there as well!

  • New Work: SideQuests Adventures Inc

    Sidequests Adventures Inc is the newest addition to the escape game market in Edmonton. They came to me looking for a logo for their new business and I was so excited at the prospect of designing their brand. I had heard so much about escape and adventure games, and thought it was such an interesting opportunity.


    The Sidequests team really emphasized when we met that that they wanted to include an exclamation point within their logo. Within the world of gaming, the exclamation point represents where you go to get your quest and also can appear about a characters head in a game. They also knew that they were going to be opening along 104 street, which is known for having a more historic tone. Because of this, they wanted to ensure their branding was going to fit the neighbourhood that it was going to be located.

    initial concepts:

    I presented a variety of initial designs that all contained the exclamation point but also played with an assortment of vintage design notions and gaming related icons. 

    revised concepts:

    We adjusted the design on the selected concept to make the exclamation point and the Q within the jewel more obvious. From there, we worked through colour. They had originally thought of including yellow within the design, but after seeing the colour concepts, they decided that green was the perfect fit for them. 

    Sidequests Adventures Inc will be opening in the Spring of 2016 and will be the perfect place to take a group for a fun outing or team building. Check them out online, on Facebook and on Twitter!

  • New Work: Charlotte L. Clarkson Branding

    Charlotte Clarkson is an Edmonton based accountant who came to me to design her logo to start new business. Charlotte had previously worked with the Jenelle from Pink Polka Invitations & Stationery on her wedding invitation set, so she had a very good idea of what aesthetic she liked and how to work with a designer.

    She was looking for something tailored and clean. Something that reflected the professional nature of her business. After our meeting, I really had a good sense of Charlotte's personality and how that was going to play into her brand.    


    As usual, my process started with research. I always spend time doing research on what other businesses in a similar field are doing, and within the accounting profession, I found the designs to be all fairly similar, focused mainly on typographic solutions versus anything with a more designed tone. This played into my initial concepts I presented to Charlotte. 

    initial concepts:

    When we had met, Charlotte wasn't sure if she wanted something purely type based or something with an icon. I wanted to show her both options, but really felt a monogram of some kind was going to fit her well. 

    revised concepts:

    Charlotte really liked the double C square concept. It has strong aesthetic while maintaing clean lines and being a visually interesting icon. She asked that we split the frame to capture the L in her name, which was an idea I just loved. It added so much more visual interest to the design and was a great way of subtly including that L. from her brand name.

    When moving to colour, I had to be very mindful of Charlotte's taste. She loves classic neutrals and I wanted to make sure we stayed true to that. I explored using metallics and neutrals like black and gray to give her brand pop. We played with rose gold versus standard gold, but we ultimately decided that classic gold was going to maintain that timeless brand quality, and avoid the logo becoming dated too fast.

    The final design is one that has visual punch, but really captures Carlotte's desire for a tailored brand perfectly. We moved to a full stationery set, including business cards, letterhead, envelope and label after the logo was completed. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for a profile on those designs. 

  • New Work: Harmonic Spaces Branding

    Another new logo I completed for Harmonic Spaces. Harmonic Spaces is a decluttering and organization service that helps out those people who can't find the time or energy to let go of all those extras hanging out around their home. Stephanie, owner of Harmonic Spaces, wated something that was warm, inviting and unique.    


    I brainstormed extensively to come up with visuals and ideas that communicated the experience of working with a personal organizer. 

    initial concepts:

    I came up with quite a few different visual metaphors for the initial concepts I designed for Stephanie. I explored freedom being communicated with a butterfly, the organizing process with a well structured nest, detangling your life with a tangled ball, and working your way from start to finish like a treasure map. 

    version 2:

    Stephanie reviewed those initial concepts, and really loved all of them. She asked to see some additional variations of the designs to help her firm up her direction. 

    version 3:

    We settled on the hummingbird as the direction of the logo. Hummingbirds are light and airy and give that message of taking flight and moving forward. I created a few alternate versions with different birds and fonts for consideration.

    version 4:

    A bird was selected, now we just had to iron out the font. I presented a few fun and fresh options as well as a more structured font to offset the flow of the bird. 

    version 5:

    The design was done, it was time to go to colour. I showed quite an extensive selection of colour for Stephanie to look at and she ultimately decided that pink was the perfect fit for her. This design definitely took more back and forth, but getting to that final design that the client is thrilled with is what it is all about. When the client reaches that final result that they are happy with, that is the big payoff and what I get excited about. 

    Check out Harmonic Spaces on Facebook and online

  • New Work: Fort McMurray Trade Shows Branding

    Fort McMurray Tourism is a new client of mine, and I could not be more excited! I have been working with them quite extensively lately, and one of the new projects I completed recently was a logo for Fort McMurray Trade Shows. They wanted a logo that kept the brand colours of Fort McMurray Tourism, but captured community and shopping into the logo.   


    I researched trade shows throughout Canada and the world, and discovered that there were not a lot of brands for trade shows. This left the window wide open for what we could do. 

    initial concepts:

    I wanted to create something that played with the northern lights, like the Fort McMurray Tourism logo does, but gave it a new spin. I also wanted to capture that surprise and excitement that comes with travelling to a trade show and seeing all these new vendors. 

    colour concepts:

    After reviewing the initial concepts, the client decided that they wanted to go in more of a shopping focused direction, making use of a bag within the design. I came up with some additional designs for them to review, and with a couple of tweaks, we had our final design.  

    I have created a supporting design for the whole trade show season for Fort McMurray, and have been really excited about the design of this years set of trade shows. Find out more about this upcoming trade show season by visiting them online

  • New Work: Erickson Realty Branding

    I recently completed a new logo for Erickson Realty, an Edmonton based real estate company. Gay Erickson, the owner has been in business for a long time, and wanted to rebrand her company to move her forward. She wanted something that communicated the standard real estate keywords: realiable, competent, trustworthy. She also wanted to look at something that had a slightly feminine touch to it.  


    I wanted to come up with solutions for Erickson Realty that didn't seem like all the other realtors in town. It had to be something that really stood out from the crowd and appealed to prospective clients as well as prospective buyers.

    initial concepts:

    I presented 5 initial logo designs for their consideration. I had used of various styles to provide a wide range of options for Gay to review. Some were more type driven, one was a crest style while the other three were a mix of type an icon.

    colour concepts:

    Gay was sold immediately with the above design. It looks like so many things all in one, stacked roof tops, a herringbone pattern (connecting to the actual interior decor of a home) but it also looks like a stained glass, or wrought iron window. 

    Gay Erickson has been fabulous to work with, and I have been able to apply her brand to a great number of supporting materials. I can't wait to show you all the supporting pieces I have designed for Erickson Realty and how beautifully this brand turned out. If you are looking for a realtor, I could not recommend Erickson Realty more, check them out at:

  • New Work: Harrow Hair Company: Business Cards

    Here are the business cards I created for Harrow Hair company. We decided to run the logo in a copper foil on the front side, which was a beautiful contrast to the navy backdrop. We also had the edges painted in copper metallic ink, resulting in a gorgeous finished product that looked really high end. A perfect match to this gorgeous new salon.  

    Harrow Hair Company is now open downtown at 10011 116 street. You can also find them on online, on Facebook, and Instagram.

  • Studio: Thank You Cards

    I had the complete honour to have some thank you cards printed with Lu at Uppercase Press. She is a letterpress printer based in Edmonton, and she is an absolute pleasure to work with. I wanted to make something small and cute, and I thought a fruit pattern would definitely fit both of those criteria. The most fun part? I didn't specify what colour I wanted the cards printed in! I told Lu to just print them in something that she thought looked good. I couldn't be more thrilled with how they turned out. 

    Check out the Uppercase website at  She was so wonderful to work with, and I recommend her 100% for any letterpress printing you need done. Letterpress is such a wonderful, hand-crafted way of having something printed, the textures you get with this style of printing are so charming!

  • New Work: Predicable Futures Inc. Branding

    This branding project was a slightly different situation than I normally have. Ed Marketing had a client that wanted to have their logo rebuilt, to rearrange the type in the design. This logo had been around for a long time and it was starting to show it's age. Erin, with Ed Marketing, had finally convinced him that he should consider a new design, and I was asked to create it for him. The challenge? One concept. That was it. And it had to still incorporate the hour glass that his original logo had. 


    Saying it was nerve wracking to do just a single design is putting it lightly. It made me very aware of just how much I enjoy approaching a logo from multiple angles and giving my clients choices. I really love helping guide their choice so they end up with the brand that is best for their company. I think it makes a client feel more passionate about their brand when they feel like they helped to create it. That being said, sometimes you only get one shot, and you have to try and get it right the first time. 

    the before & after:

    I emailed the design to Erin, and she came back with a bit of feedback which I made and Erin sent off to the client. The result? He loved it! It wasn't so much of a change that it terrified him, and it still maintained all the parts of his original design that he enjoyed, but freshed it up and made it more modern.

    I love working with Ed Marketing, they always have fun and challenging projects to work on.

  • New Work: Healthy Glow Tank

    I just received the order of new tank tops I created for Jayme with Healthy Glow. She was looking to start her own line of inspirational workout apparel that was in keeping with her brand and was fun to wear. We decided that the tagline "Sweat Now, Glow Later" was a great starting product to really get things going. 

    I showed Jayme four options for colour, and she loved them all so much, she decided to do all four! 

    Healthy Glow has a new 14 day challenge starting next week in partnership with Body Love Project. It is focused all on loving yourself, inside and out. They will be updating their instagram accounts each day for 14 days with new challenges. At the end, they will be selecting winners that will receive prizes (and one of these tanks might be a prize!)

  • In Action: Cenovus Energy Holiday Party Illustrations

    I was so excited to help Jenelle Gartner from Pink Polka Invitations & Stationery with a set of illustrations in December! She was designing for the Cenovus Energy holiday party, and wanted to create illustrations of Canadian woodland animals in a cross stitched technique. Jenelle provided me with fantastic art direction on how she was hoping these would look, and I could not be happier with how they turned out. 

    Here they are, all framed up, at the party:

    And here is the complete set of illustrations:

    All the typography for the final pieces was done by Jenelle, it is just so pretty and truly brought the room together. If you haven't checked out Pink Polka Invitations & Stationery you absolutely should. Jenelle is a master of all things wedding and events. 

    Pink Polka Invitations & Stationery can be found on: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

    All the photos were taken by Shandro Photo

  • New Work: Bluefish Projects Website

    A great follow up to last weeks post, after two years in the works, the Bluefish Projects website is finally complete! Working with business owners that are extremely busy can lead to projects taking a bit longer, but it was definitely worth the wait because the site turned out great! 

    Bluefish Projects has so many amazing photos of the work they have done, I wanted to make sure to make the images the focus of the site. Large image areas, with lots of clean white space fit the brand, with accents of the supporting brand elements that we had already developed (see last weeks trailer wrap post). 

    about us:



    All the programming for the website was completed by Ross at Oops Design. Ross has so much patience for working with us for the entire time to get this site up and running. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking for a web programmer. Check them out on facebook as well.

  • In Action: Bluefish Projects Trailer Wrap

    Bluefish Projects is a Calgary based home renovation company that is owned by my fantastic older brother Matt! When Matt decided to start his company, I was able to do all of his branding and subsequent print materials. I was also able to do the design for a full wrap for his trailer that carries all of his equipment for his renovations. It is always fun to get photos of what it ends up looking like in the end. 

    This was a great opporunity to build out secondary graphics for the Bluefish brand. I was able to add addtional colours like the green to their palette and I created the rolling layered hills to reflect the Calgary scenery, and the assorted houses on the hillside. 

    front & passenger side:

    back end:

    Truck & trailer drivers side:

    Here is the Bluefish Projects logo that started it all:

    We have a new Bluefish Projects website currently in development that will be launching soon, stay tuned! 

  • In Action: Jayme

    It is always such a treat to see pieces I have done in action, really doing what they were designed for and not just existing in idea-land! My good friends Jayme & Rudy were married this past September and their wedding embraced their love of all things delicious. Their boutonnieres and bouquets were cabbage flowers, their centre pieces were make-your-own-salad bars, complete with micro greens you got to cut yourself. Everything had an edible touch.

    Jayme asked if I would create some custom prints for her to include in her reception decor that would feature quotes she loved about eating. Of course I was happy to do so and created 3 different prints that were consistent with the overall aesthetic we had created for her wedding already. 

    the prints as a set:

    "people who love to eat are always the best people" - Julia Child

    "A party without cake is just a meeting" - Julia Child

    And as an extra treat, a shot of the drink tickets and menu cards I designed at the tables as well:

    These gorgeous photos were taken Carey Nash. If you are ever looking for a photographer, be sure to check him out. He took so many wonderful photos of these two. 

    And in case you didn't get a chance to see Jayme and Rudy's wedding stationary on my website, here it is:

    Invitation front and back:

    Reply card front and back:

    Map card front and back:

    Drink ticket and menu card:

  • Studio: My Business Card

    It has been such an exciting couple of months, and I have so many fun projects on the go that I can't wait to share with everyone in the upcoming weeks and months, so stay tuned for those! 

    One of the biggest challenges as a designer is to design for yourself. You have to find a way to create something that truly reflects who you are but also is inviting to all potential clients. A business card has the potential to catch someones attention and drawn them in to want to find out more about you. That means more work for me and more bills being paid. Hooray!

    Here are some details about my card:

    gold foil: 
    I wanted to keep my business card clean, but eye-catching. I have always loved anything that is shiny, so I thought a gold foil on the front would be a great reflection me.

    I also wanted to consider the paper my cards were printed on. I wanted something that felt nice as soon as it was in your hands and gave you that "ohhh" feeling as a person runs their fingers across it. I decided on a soft touch paper, that is soft like the skin of a fresh peach. 

    painted edges: 
    As a final detail, I decided to have the edges of my cards painted in gold. I think it was the perfect finish to really give that like extra, and leave a lasting impression. 

    I had my business cards printed with Zoum, a Canadian company based out of Quebec. I love that they are Canadian and are producing such amazing business cards at great prices. If you need a printer for business cards, this company is perfect. 

  • New Work: Plum Home Design

    One of my newer client that I have had the pleasure of working with over the past couple months is Plum Home + Design. They are an Edmonton based residential interior design and home decor company that specialize in creating spaces that focus on each clients taste and style. Their home decor store, located on 124 Street in Edmonton, carries a gorgeous array of products that combine old and new.

    I have been working with Plum on their online and in-store sales promotions and it has been such a joy! Whenever you find a client where your personal aesthetic completely lines up with theirs, you know it is going to be a great working relationship. Their brand colours are yellow and grey, but they love including silver and gold, and they have a very modern, clean aesthetic. 

    friends & family sale:

    black friday:

    boxing day:

    valentines day:

    Plum loves to support local suppliers and artists and their shop is full of beautiful prints, jewelry, home accessories, apparel and more. They have such wonderful items, and they always have great gift ideas. 

    If you ever have an opportunity to visit the store, you will be delighted! 

    They also have an amazing online store, and you can get free shipping on orders over $50.

    With so many new and exciting projects in the works, Plum Home + Design is definitely a store to visit often. Plum Home + Design can be found online at, on Instagram, on Twitter, and on Facebook.

  • New Work: Edmonton International Street Performers Festival Branding

    One of the last projects that I worked on while at Woodward Design was the new logo for the Edmonton International Street Performers Festival. The festival had an in-depth report written about what its core values were, and it all boiled down to a smile. The festival at its centre is all about making people smile and have fun, and they wanted to communicate these values in the new logo. 

    For this project, we decided that each member of the studio would create one concept (3 concepts total) and they would be presented in a more flushed out way, including colour variations of the logo, a colour palette and examples of the logo being applied. 


    colour variations:

    colour palette:

    applied logo:

    I was thrilled when the festival selected my design as the new logo for the festival. I also was able to work on the new festival season creative and I am very excited to see that around the city come festival time. 

    The Edmonton International Street Performers Festival can be found on Facebook and on Twitter. You can also check out their website for all that is happening with the festival at

  • New Work: Lepper-Hardie Family Crest

    I am fortunate to have some really amazing people around who randomly like to do really fun things! Liz & her husband Aaron recently moved to Lethbridge and bought a house that had a flag out front (currently a chickadee). They thought it would be great to get a family crest made up and turned into a flag to hang in the chickadees place. The outline for the crest was really loose, they told me that they like coffee, music, dogs, and food (essentially Liz told me to go creep on her Facebook page and look at her photos). 


    initial concepts:

    I showed them three initial designs and they were thrilled! They asked for a font from one, a dog from another and that was it. They wanted to keep the design all in charcoal and really clean, so I didn't even have to work through colour in this case.

    final design:

    I created formats for them with and without typography so the have everything they need to make use of the crest in the future. I can not wait to see this crest in it's future flag form flying in front of their house.

    Thanks for the fun project Liz & Aaron, I love how it turned out!

  • New Work: Redtail Farms Branding

    I recently completed a logo for Redtail Farms, a farm in central Alberta that specializes in grass finished meat and who keep nature in mind with everything they produce. The name came from the Redtail Hawk that is a often seen flying near their farm, so they thought that incorporating a feather into the logo somehow would be a great solution. 


    initial concepts:

    I presented 4 initial logo designs, with 3 incorporating the feather and one using the outline of the hawk itself, with the hawk broken into rolling plains of land laying on top of one another.  They really liked the bottom two concepts and asked if they could see these options in colour before making their final decision. 

    colour concepts:

    I showed them three colour options for each and they decided that the concept using the hawk was the perfect fit for them. We added in their tagline and tweaked the colour slightly, and the logo was finished. 

    Redtail Farms are on Facebook and Instagram and they are always posting fun new photos about what is happening on their farm. 

  • New Work: Healthy Glow Branding

    I had the amazing opportunity to not just brand but also help name Jayme Roman's new health and nutrition blog. She already had an existing following on Instagram under the name of Healthy Happy Mama, but she wanted to take it to the next level, start a blog and be able to have a well rounded brand.

    We came up with the name Healthy Glow, based on the idea that every woman wants to have that healthy, happy glow. As well, woman are always said to glow when they are pregnant, something that Jayme discusses on her blog, health during and after pregnancy. It was the perfect fit for her!

    The logo needed to be something that was not too specific to fitness or food, it had to cross all areas of fitness and be all encompassing so it could be flexible for any future projects Jayme decided to pursue. 

    word mapping & sketches:

    initial concepts:

    final brand & support elements:

    Thank you to Jayme for being such a pleasure to work with and check out her blog and her instagram page. She has some amazing recipes to try out!

  • New Work: Phlo Design Wrapping Paper

    Phlo Design needed some help with their Christmas Wrapping paper. They asked for something that was inspired by nature, with one design more organic and one more masculine. They wanted to create two designs that fit within the Phlo aesthetic and felt cohesive as a set. The paper was being printed in black ink only, so the designs needed to be created with that in mind. 

    I started by sketching ideas, and drawing all the elements of each paper by hand. I then put the pieces together in the pattern arrangement and then redrew them all so the weight of all the lines weights matched in the designs. The resulting patterns made for beautiful holiday wrap that looked perfect under the Christmas tree. 

    Thank you to the lovely ladies of Phlo Design for the great project and being so wonderful to work with!