• Branding: Plum Home Design

    Plum Home + Design is a well established shop and interior design company that I have been working with for the past two years. Earlier this year, Jenna and I began chatting about the need for a redesign of their brand. She felt as though the brand had grown beyond their logo and the aesthetic vision of their company had changed. They wanted their brand to be something approachable but elegant. 


    The old Plum brand featured a monogram, and that was something we wanted to consider with the evolution of this brand. I played with flowy scripts and sturdy serifs through sketches and into concepts, to give a range of what was possible. 

    initial concepts:

    Plum Home and Plum Design both regularly make use of antiques and vintage pieces, selling them in their store and sourcing them for the design of client spaces. I was inspired by that connection to vintage and wanted to make sure the designs I presented fit that tone. 

    Jenna immediately connected with the script font in the intial concepts, and wanted to explore that further. What I love about a script font is how it naturally connects the client with those behind the company. If gives you a feeling of personal connection. We just had to find the perfect script. 

    After exploring scripts, we decided it might be better to invert the script and serif, so the script acts as a supporting element and the serif is the sturdy base. This adds a strong contrast to the previous Plum brand and also provides a clear direction for the rest of the branding of Plum. 

    From the variety of serif fonts to choose from, we built out the rest of the logos for the brand, having the Plum Home + Design logo as the main brand, and the Plum Home, Plum Design and Baby Plum logos all sitting under that main brand umbrella. I wanted all the logos to feel visually connected to one another, and really feel like a family. 

    With these logos now in place, we are working away at all the other supporting items that come with a new brand, so window decals, bags, tags and more will gradually be replaced. When rebranding, it can feel like a daunting and financially exhausting task to replace everything you currently have with the new brand. Taking your time and replacing brand items as they come up allows clients to make the transition without having a ton of waste from previous brand items. 

    Plum Home (the retail space) can be found on 124 street,  12407 108 Avenue.

    They can also been found: online | twitter | facebook | instagram