• New Work: Insite Developments

    Avery Gartner is the creative mind behind Insite Developments and the brother of Bailey Gartner, one of the owners of Harrow Hair Company (who's logo I also completed). Avery came to me to help put together his vision for the Insite Developments brand, which specializes in custom carpentry and furniture design. Avery previously went to fashion school, so he has a strong sense of design and had put quite a bit of thought into what his brand would be like. He wanted something that was edgy, modern and a touch futuristic.  


    Avery really liked the idea of including a speed square within his design, especially because one of his favorite tools to work with is his speed square. It ensures perfect lines and crisp corners, and that really does capture Insite Developements. 

    initial concepts:

    I designed a range of ideas for Insite Developments, inspired by all the details we had discussed. I wanted them to have strong lines and geometric form.

    revised concepts:

    Avery loved two of the designs and wanted to find a way to combine them into one interesting design. We explored with horizontal and vertical formats, and also keeping or removing parts of the letters. The final design fits Avery and Insite Developments perfectly. The repeating lines within the icon communicate feel like a modern take on wood grain, and allow the shape of a speed square, a capital I and a capital D to hide within the icon. 

    Insite Developments can be found on Instagram and you can also see all the beautiful work that Avery has made. His attention to detail is incomparable and his creativity is clear.