• Branding: Instinct Construction

    Instinct Construction is a local builder and developer, who specializes in residential building and renovations and is also looking to branch into commercial development. Brad and Catherine Litwin came to me looking for a brand for their company that would help them grow and really stand apart. They wanted something that was modern, simple and clean. The one idea they had was a lightbulb somehow being incorporated, but they want to fully explore ideas. 


    With the name Instinct Construction, I began exploring the idea of instinct. What animals have the natural instinct to build? I began exploring ideas using birds, beavers, bees among others. I also explored the light bulb concept, as it was something that was specifically mentioned. The notion of an idea taking form was what they wanted to communicate, since much of what Brad does is so unique because he has the ability to visualize and see the potential in what he has to work with. The light bulb was a great visual for this, but I also sketched plants and leaves, focusing on the metaphor of growth. 

    initial concepts:

    The initial concepts explored all that was mentioned above, using geometric shapes to capture the tone of building and architecture, but also exploring ideas like honeycombs, rooftops, and nests. I gent the supporting type linear and clean.

    colour concepts:

    Brad and Catherine immediately loved the lightbulb concept. It made such a strong impression and had such a great icon to it that they decided to go with it. We explored colour, with celery green and grey in the back of my mind as colours they had mentioned they really like. After seeing colour options, they completely surprised me by selecting a yellow-orange and grey concept. I loved this option and was so excited they decided this was the right fit for them.