• Branding: Zolmer Design Co.

    I recently completed a logo design for Zolmer Design + Co, an interior designer based out of the Spruce Grove. Carly had previously hired a designer to do her logo, but after seeing initial concepts, she just didn't love any of the concepts and decided it was time to hire someone new to give it a whirl. She had ideas in mind, but wanted me to go through my natural process of design. She was looking for something traditional, with clean lines and a vintage flair. She had a circular shape, possibly a woodcut style in mind, but was open to anything at this point. 


    Because she wanted to see something circular, I decided to explore a monogram style design. I also wanted to play with fully type based logos, using fonts that had crisp lines to them. 

    initial concepts:

    For the initial concepts, I showed a variety of designs, that all were in keeping with that traditional design with a little bit of punch and flair. All the design were presented in black and white, as Carly knew she wanted to keep her logo minimal with colour, and let the design speak for itself. Carly really loved concept 2 (the 100% type concept) and concept 4 (with the handwritten style font). After some deliberating, she decided that the type based concept best fit her personal aesthetic and would take her brand in the direction she wanted to go. 

    With a minor type revision on the font used on ZOLMER, we were good to go. The logo for Zolmer Design + Co was a very seamless easy process, with Carly a delight to work with. 

    Zolmer Design + Co can be found online and on Instagram