• Branding: La Boule Patisserie Bakery

    La Boule Patisserie + Bakery is the newest addition to the Edmonton bakery scene. It is also right in the Whyte Avenue area, within walking distance from my home (this could be a problem).

    I met with owner and pastry chef Jennifer Stang to discuss her branding and she mentioned wanting something clean, modern, with a slightly masculine and industrial feel. She provided a Pinterest board of the overall tone and feel she was hoping to capture in her space. Pinterest boards are one of my favorite client resources, as it allows me to regularly check in and ensure the logos I am creating feel in keeping with the rest of the brand vision. 


    Boule in french means ball, and is a type of bread (think cream puff). I wanted to explore the round shape within my designs, but I also didn't want to feel limited by that visual. A bakery naturally has so many visuals that lend themselves to it, but I wanted to try and steer clear of cliches and create something fresh, that would really capture the tone of her space. 

    initial concepts:

    The intial concepts I created were inspired by the industrial feel she was creating within her space (the top two concepts) but also playing with more traditional visuals (the rolling pin and melting chocolate in the bottom two concepts). 

    revised concepts:

    Jennifer was drawn to the top two more geometric and type based designs, but wanted to explore fonts for the second concept, and play with the E on the first concept. She loved the stenciled style, but wanted to try fonts that had a bit more of an art deco flair to them. I showed the two concepts revised, and the first concept was it. 

    Jennifer had always planned that the brand would be sticking with black and white, with maybe some silver infused, but once we got underway on the exterior signage, copper became part of the brand palette. I was so excited as it is such a perfect fit for her brand and adds life to the logo. 

    I have worked with Jennifer to create a monogram for La Boule that is featured on tiny chocolate buttons on all their tarts, as well as their business cards and the big one, their new website! We are just putting the finishing touches on the website, but I can't wait to share it with everyone. 

    La Boule Patisserie + Bakery opens today, December 6, and is located at 8020 - 101 Street, Edmonton.

    Check them out: online  |  facebook  |  instagram