• Branding: Secret Ingredient Event Management

    Abby Oleksy was starting her own event planning business and needed brand to get her started. When we discussed her brand, she really wanted something that felt like her, bubbly, happy and memorable. She also wanted it to have a timeless, fun and fresh tone, something that would appeal to brides looking for someone to plan their wedding, but also professional for companies looking for someone to plan their next big event. The name of "Secret Ingredient" lent itself to so many ideas.


    In my starting sketches, I wanted to play with the idea of a secret, something that you want to keep safe and secure. The notion that Abby would be giving people a sense of security on these big days that she was planning for them. I also wanted to play with a sense of whimsy and surprise, a light hearted tone that made her logo feel really special. 

    initial concepts:

    In the initial designs, I played with the icon of a key as that keeper of the secret. Allowing people to unlock possibilities and potential for their events. I also played with scripts and confetti, which both feel lively and fun while also still maintaining the professional tone. I wanted to be sure that all the concepts fit Abby's personality but also made people take her seriously as an event manager, someone they could trust.

    colour concepts:

    The selected concept was the confetti design, which was my favourite right from the beginning. It was the perfect fit for Abby personally and professional. The light airy confetti of varying sizes is grounded by professional, easy to read type, giving this design that perfect mix that will appeal to a wide range of clientele.