• New Work: Erickson Realty Branding

    I recently completed a new logo for Erickson Realty, an Edmonton based real estate company. Gay Erickson, the owner has been in business for a long time, and wanted to rebrand her company to move her forward. She wanted something that communicated the standard real estate keywords: realiable, competent, trustworthy. She also wanted to look at something that had a slightly feminine touch to it.  


    I wanted to come up with solutions for Erickson Realty that didn't seem like all the other realtors in town. It had to be something that really stood out from the crowd and appealed to prospective clients as well as prospective buyers.

    initial concepts:

    I presented 5 initial logo designs for their consideration. I had used of various styles to provide a wide range of options for Gay to review. Some were more type driven, one was a crest style while the other three were a mix of type an icon.

    colour concepts:

    Gay was sold immediately with the above design. It looks like so many things all in one, stacked roof tops, a herringbone pattern (connecting to the actual interior decor of a home) but it also looks like a stained glass, or wrought iron window. 

    Gay Erickson has been fabulous to work with, and I have been able to apply her brand to a great number of supporting materials. I can't wait to show you all the supporting pieces I have designed for Erickson Realty and how beautifully this brand turned out. If you are looking for a realtor, I could not recommend Erickson Realty more, check them out at:

  • New Work: Edmonton International Street Performers Festival Branding

    One of the last projects that I worked on while at Woodward Design was the new logo for the Edmonton International Street Performers Festival. The festival had an in-depth report written about what its core values were, and it all boiled down to a smile. The festival at its centre is all about making people smile and have fun, and they wanted to communicate these values in the new logo. 

    For this project, we decided that each member of the studio would create one concept (3 concepts total) and they would be presented in a more flushed out way, including colour variations of the logo, a colour palette and examples of the logo being applied. 


    colour variations:

    colour palette:

    applied logo:

    I was thrilled when the festival selected my design as the new logo for the festival. I also was able to work on the new festival season creative and I am very excited to see that around the city come festival time. 

    The Edmonton International Street Performers Festival can be found on Facebook and on Twitter. You can also check out their website for all that is happening with the festival at