• Branding: April MacKillins Photography

    April Killins is an Edmonton based photographer who specializes in capturing the candid moments of life and love. Through her photography, April also loves to capture her connection to nature. When I met April, she was looking to redesign her logo to be something that felt more in keeping with her photography style.


    I wanted to explore beautiful symbols of nature through my sketches, focusing on building in a connection to photography. 

    initial concepts:

    The initial designs made use of a variety of nature icons to create strong visual icons that would successfully connect to the idea of capturing a moment in time, so similar the photography and candid moments April likes to capture in her photograhy. 

    revised concepts:

    April connected right away with the forest in the crop marks concept, loving the photo style corners and the idea of capturing a piece of something so large. She asked to see some other options for trees, playing with tree designs that were more organic, more closely connecting with the fluidity of her work. With trees selected, we tweaked the type just slightly, and this logo was finished! We created an option of this logo design that had a gold foil fill as well as a secondary version that focused on her videography work.  

    I have had the great pleasure of working with April on shooting my design work so that I have beautiful images to share with the world and she has been a complete professional and I couldn't be happier with my images.

    Find April MacKillins Photography at: website  | facebook  |  instagram