• Branding: Mantra

    The latest logo to share is for Mantra: Sacred Yogic Teachings. This year I was contact by April Cantafio to assist her in the design of a new logo for her yoga teaching. I had previously worked with April on the Anahata Rising logo, and we had such a great time working together, so I was thrilled to get to do another logo for her. Fun fact! When working at Woodward Design, April came and interned with us as a graphic designer. I think this has been an absolute blessing to me as I have worked with her, as she has a very strong knowledge of design, but her life has just gone a different direction, and she wanted someone else with an outside perspective to work on her brand. 


    April really wanted her brand to be fresh and elegant, with clean lines and a geometric tone to it. There are definitely icons that are commonly associated with yoga, so I wanted to be aware of those, but do something different. 

    initial concepts:

    April feels a strong connection to the number 3 (3 Gunas), so I thought that integrating a triangle, with its 3 sides would be a clever way of playing with that. Mandalas are also strong symbols within yoga, as well as elements of nature, so I played with all of those elements when developing my concepts. 

    April connected right away with the mandala logo I had made. She wanted to try developing it a bit more, giving it a bit more of a geometric quality and playing with the triangle, while also giving it the general feeling of a flower or 6 point star. 

    From there, we played with a bit of typography and the symbol just a bit, to ensure we had it just right. Sometimes a client needs to see other options, just to know they are making the correct choice. When I choose the perfect font right out of the gate, sometimes it seems almost too easy, so exploring allows the client to feel sure of their decision and that it is the perfect fit for them. As long as I feel we are moving forward in a positive direction, I am always happy to oblige, and work with my clients. 

    Last step was colour, and this was very easy. April immediately was drawn the the bright blue and navy combination. Another logo complete! I am so happy I was able to work with April again, and get to know her and her yoga practice.

    Mantra can be found at: website  |  facebook  |  instagram

  • New Work: Anahata Rising Branding

    A new branding project I completed for Anahata Rising, an Edmonton based yoga teacher training program. Their training is being built around balance and elevating consciousness through yoga. The word anahata describes Om as it flows through the heart, and also describes the natural state of the heart chakra, whole and pure. 

    There are so many symbols of Anahata that I was able to play with, like the 12 petal lotus and the 6 point star, but I also wanted to incorporate my own ideas of what I thought would translate well into a brand for the training program.


    initial concepts:

    I presented 4 initial logo designs for their consideration. They selected the first concept as their favorite, but they really wanted to incorporate a more organic shape within the design. They also really wanted to see a new idea that incorporated roots into the design, so I provided 3 revised versions of the first concept, and then aa whole new design. 

    version 2 concepts:

    We were almost there, but the new concept had a new typeface that they loved, and they asked if I could see that typeface with two of the organic options. 

    version 3 concepts:

    After this round of concepts, they decided on the design they wanted to go with, so it was time for colour. I researched colour in reference to the Anahata chakra and found that certain colours definitely had strong associations with it (green, pink and blue in particular). The client also requested seeing a design that incorporated orange, so I wanted to make sure I showed that option as well.

    colour concepts:

    They selected the blue/green/gray combination and this logo designg was complete! I have been working on some supporting materials for them as well, including a poster, postcard and training manual, and this brand design has been carrying through so well.

    I am thrilled with how this brand turned out, and how I can see it fitting so well with the calming nature of a yoga studio. They can be found on Facebook and you can also check out Bliss YogaSpa (also on Facebook) for more information.