• New Work: Lepper-Hardie Family Crest

    I am fortunate to have some really amazing people around who randomly like to do really fun things! Liz & her husband Aaron recently moved to Lethbridge and bought a house that had a flag out front (currently a chickadee). They thought it would be great to get a family crest made up and turned into a flag to hang in the chickadees place. The outline for the crest was really loose, they told me that they like coffee, music, dogs, and food (essentially Liz told me to go creep on her Facebook page and look at her photos). 


    initial concepts:

    I showed them three initial designs and they were thrilled! They asked for a font from one, a dog from another and that was it. They wanted to keep the design all in charcoal and really clean, so I didn't even have to work through colour in this case.

    final design:

    I created formats for them with and without typography so the have everything they need to make use of the crest in the future. I can not wait to see this crest in it's future flag form flying in front of their house.

    Thanks for the fun project Liz & Aaron, I love how it turned out!

  • New Work: Redtail Farms Branding

    I recently completed a logo for Redtail Farms, a farm in central Alberta that specializes in grass finished meat and who keep nature in mind with everything they produce. The name came from the Redtail Hawk that is a often seen flying near their farm, so they thought that incorporating a feather into the logo somehow would be a great solution. 


    initial concepts:

    I presented 4 initial logo designs, with 3 incorporating the feather and one using the outline of the hawk itself, with the hawk broken into rolling plains of land laying on top of one another.  They really liked the bottom two concepts and asked if they could see these options in colour before making their final decision. 

    colour concepts:

    I showed them three colour options for each and they decided that the concept using the hawk was the perfect fit for them. We added in their tagline and tweaked the colour slightly, and the logo was finished. 

    Redtail Farms are on Facebook and Instagram and they are always posting fun new photos about what is happening on their farm. 

  • New Work: Healthy Glow Branding

    I had the amazing opportunity to not just brand but also help name Jayme Roman's new health and nutrition blog. She already had an existing following on Instagram under the name of Healthy Happy Mama, but she wanted to take it to the next level, start a blog and be able to have a well rounded brand.

    We came up with the name Healthy Glow, based on the idea that every woman wants to have that healthy, happy glow. As well, woman are always said to glow when they are pregnant, something that Jayme discusses on her blog, health during and after pregnancy. It was the perfect fit for her!

    The logo needed to be something that was not too specific to fitness or food, it had to cross all areas of fitness and be all encompassing so it could be flexible for any future projects Jayme decided to pursue. 

    word mapping & sketches:

    initial concepts:

    final brand & support elements:

    Thank you to Jayme for being such a pleasure to work with and check out her blog and her instagram page. She has some amazing recipes to try out!