• Branding: New Moose Consulting

    Lori Sokoluk is the mind behind New Moose Consulting. I worked with Lori this past year on a logo for her company. The name of her company comes from a story a colleague once told her about how the community is often so busy chasing rabbits (sources of funding) that they don’t notice that there is a moose right behind them. Then stated that “planning is the new moose". This was the beginning of her brand. She didn't want to incorporate a literal moose necessarily into the design but did want something that told the story of her roots and potentially incorporated beadwork into the design. 


    I wanted to play with the beadwork idea, but also play with other natural elements, that connected to the strong history and strength of her Aboriginal background. I also wanted to try to tell the story of her brand name origin in one of the designs. 

    initial concepts:

    The initial designs explored everything I had thought about in the initial sketch stages, beadwork, story telling, patterns and nature. 

    Lori connected right away to the beadwork flower design, which was a perfect balance of modern and traditional design. We explored font options for this design, as well as the layout of the logo. 

    To assist with the decision of the layout and font, Lori asked if she could see some colour options to consider. She had a strong connection to the colour turquoise, and after seeing other options, she decided that turquoise and purple were the right fit for her. We explored various shades and landed on just the right combination. 

  • Branding: Plum Home Design

    Plum Home + Design is a well established shop and interior design company that I have been working with for the past two years. Earlier this year, Jenna and I began chatting about the need for a redesign of their brand. She felt as though the brand had grown beyond their logo and the aesthetic vision of their company had changed. They wanted their brand to be something approachable but elegant. 


    The old Plum brand featured a monogram, and that was something we wanted to consider with the evolution of this brand. I played with flowy scripts and sturdy serifs through sketches and into concepts, to give a range of what was possible. 

    initial concepts:

    Plum Home and Plum Design both regularly make use of antiques and vintage pieces, selling them in their store and sourcing them for the design of client spaces. I was inspired by that connection to vintage and wanted to make sure the designs I presented fit that tone. 

    Jenna immediately connected with the script font in the intial concepts, and wanted to explore that further. What I love about a script font is how it naturally connects the client with those behind the company. If gives you a feeling of personal connection. We just had to find the perfect script. 

    After exploring scripts, we decided it might be better to invert the script and serif, so the script acts as a supporting element and the serif is the sturdy base. This adds a strong contrast to the previous Plum brand and also provides a clear direction for the rest of the branding of Plum. 

    From the variety of serif fonts to choose from, we built out the rest of the logos for the brand, having the Plum Home + Design logo as the main brand, and the Plum Home, Plum Design and Baby Plum logos all sitting under that main brand umbrella. I wanted all the logos to feel visually connected to one another, and really feel like a family. 

    With these logos now in place, we are working away at all the other supporting items that come with a new brand, so window decals, bags, tags and more will gradually be replaced. When rebranding, it can feel like a daunting and financially exhausting task to replace everything you currently have with the new brand. Taking your time and replacing brand items as they come up allows clients to make the transition without having a ton of waste from previous brand items. 

    Plum Home (the retail space) can be found on 124 street,  12407 108 Avenue.

    They can also been found: online | twitter | facebook | instagram

  • Branding: Rebus Builders

    This logo was created to Fort McMurray based Rebus Builders. Rebus Builders previously specialized in plastering, but were rebranding to become Rebus Builders, as they were moving in to full development. Having been in business for over 20 years, they wanted this new logo to have a fresh take on their brand, and appeal to younger families, commercial and residential development. 


    Rachelle with Rebus Builders specifically mentioned wanting to see something that made use of a house and/or blueprints. I wanted to play with those ideas, but also show other options for the design. 

    initial concepts:

    I played with stong geometric shapes in the intial designs, playing with the lines that occur in all building. I did show one design based on the idea of blueprints, but also using those lines to create a house shape. 

    We changed up the supporting font to have a bit more contrast to the main font in the logo. From there we worked on colour. Rebus was naturally drawn to more neutral fonts, but I wanted to push them toward something with a bit more pop. I showed them several options, and we found the middle ground that felt best for them. Using a blue-gray with a navy was the best fit for Rebus Builders. It gave them the modern tone to the design that they were looking for right from the beginning. 

  • Branding: Mantra

    The latest logo to share is for Mantra: Sacred Yogic Teachings. This year I was contact by April Cantafio to assist her in the design of a new logo for her yoga teaching. I had previously worked with April on the Anahata Rising logo, and we had such a great time working together, so I was thrilled to get to do another logo for her. Fun fact! When working at Woodward Design, April came and interned with us as a graphic designer. I think this has been an absolute blessing to me as I have worked with her, as she has a very strong knowledge of design, but her life has just gone a different direction, and she wanted someone else with an outside perspective to work on her brand. 


    April really wanted her brand to be fresh and elegant, with clean lines and a geometric tone to it. There are definitely icons that are commonly associated with yoga, so I wanted to be aware of those, but do something different. 

    initial concepts:

    April feels a strong connection to the number 3 (3 Gunas), so I thought that integrating a triangle, with its 3 sides would be a clever way of playing with that. Mandalas are also strong symbols within yoga, as well as elements of nature, so I played with all of those elements when developing my concepts. 

    April connected right away with the mandala logo I had made. She wanted to try developing it a bit more, giving it a bit more of a geometric quality and playing with the triangle, while also giving it the general feeling of a flower or 6 point star. 

    From there, we played with a bit of typography and the symbol just a bit, to ensure we had it just right. Sometimes a client needs to see other options, just to know they are making the correct choice. When I choose the perfect font right out of the gate, sometimes it seems almost too easy, so exploring allows the client to feel sure of their decision and that it is the perfect fit for them. As long as I feel we are moving forward in a positive direction, I am always happy to oblige, and work with my clients. 

    Last step was colour, and this was very easy. April immediately was drawn the the bright blue and navy combination. Another logo complete! I am so happy I was able to work with April again, and get to know her and her yoga practice.

    Mantra can be found at: website  |  facebook  |  instagram

  • Branding: Givens LLP

    This year, I worked with Ed Marketing and Communications to complete a brand redesign for Givens LLP. Givens is a professional accounting firm with offices in three locations, Edmonton, Elk Point and Fort Saskatchewan. The firm partners wanted to create a new brand for their organization that would touch on the history of the company but really push the boundaries of what is typically seen for accounting brands. They wanted something that was mix of formal and fun and that would appeal to new clients and employees while also being a brand that their current employees could embrace.


    The previous Givens logo was a signature that they had held on to for a long time. I wanted to explore options that played with the signature concept, but also options that took the brand in a whole new direction, infusing meaning and depth into all the logos that were presented to the client. 

    initial concepts:

    For the initial concepts, I wanted to infuse the idea of teamwork into the designs. Givens has such a well rounded team of people who are working for all of their clients, and that is part of what they have built their reputation on. They strive to build strong relationships with their clients and always be a company you can depend on, someone who will answer your calls, return your emails, and let you know you are in good hands. 

    With all concepts that I present for logos, I always include explanations of my thought process behind each design. The logos that are the most successful are the ones that have that deeper meaning to them, beyond just looking great. The elements within the design should speak to what the client is about, and visual metaphors and techniques are a great way to communicate that. 

    The client was thrilled with the initial designs when presented, and took the black and white concepts back to the office to think about and land on the selected design. The design selected was the woven concept, which was always one of my favorites. From selecting the concept, we moved to colour. Because Givens wanted to move in a more current direction, I presented colour options in a range of brighter colours that had a bit more punch, complimenting that with strong neutrals that would support them. 

    The final logo design made use of bright teals and yellow-green to really give the brand the pop that the organization was looking for. We created a second version of the logo with the full Charter Professional Accountants title, to be used when more clarity on what the organization does is needed. 

    We have since applied this logo on to everything! Business cards, letterhead, envelopes, folders and more, this logo has been easy and successful to apply across all mediums. 

    Givens LLP online and they are an amazing group for any small business needing an accountant. 

  • Branding: Soar Bounce Fitness

    Soar Bounce Fitness is the newest fitness program to launch in Edmonton. The program was created by Megan Clark and Elissa Jamieson, the owners of Barre Body Studio Edmonton. They wanted to create a more intense cardio program that perfectly compliments barre and gets that heart rate up. Soar Bounce Fitness is all run on Bellicon rebounder trampolines and it engages every muscle in the body, providing a total strength workout while burning more calories per minute than biking or running. 


    Megan and Elissa had very general directions for what they were hoping to see in the Soar logo. They wanted something with movement, something that communicated the idea of flying, soaring, but keeping the design more abstract, avoiding any literal interpretations of those concepts. They showed some samples of logos they liked, but were really open to any ideas I had. 

    initial concepts:

    For the initial concepts I created, I wanted to give that sense of lifting, rising and moving upwards. I wanted to play with a mix of geometric shapes and circular forms, keeping all the typography strong, as the design will hopefully someday be appearing on apparel. 

    Megan and Elissa had two concepts they were really drawn to, but preferred concept 2, with the A turned into an icon. This was absolutely my favorite design of the options I presented, as I loved how strong the monogram was on its own. They asked to see some different options for the wings moving through the triangle, just to see how it looked, and I was happy to provide those. 

    We thinned out the font, and played with some additional options that had a bit more movement for the wing running through the design. I also modified the original design to have the thinner font (which they both preferred). 

    Sometimes you just need to experiment to be sure of your decision, that is part of the process, and something I expect. They decided on the latest version with the V bird in the triangle! I adore this logo and I am so proud to have been a part of the development of this new fitness program. I have been bouncing on the rebounders between teaching barre classes, but I can't wait to take my first official Soar class! 

    Soar Bounce Fitness can be found online, on Facebook, and Instagram. To book a class, just head to their schedule.

  • New Work: Insite Developments

    Avery Gartner is the creative mind behind Insite Developments and the brother of Bailey Gartner, one of the owners of Harrow Hair Company (who's logo I also completed). Avery came to me to help put together his vision for the Insite Developments brand, which specializes in custom carpentry and furniture design. Avery previously went to fashion school, so he has a strong sense of design and had put quite a bit of thought into what his brand would be like. He wanted something that was edgy, modern and a touch futuristic.  


    Avery really liked the idea of including a speed square within his design, especially because one of his favorite tools to work with is his speed square. It ensures perfect lines and crisp corners, and that really does capture Insite Developements. 

    initial concepts:

    I designed a range of ideas for Insite Developments, inspired by all the details we had discussed. I wanted them to have strong lines and geometric form.

    revised concepts:

    Avery loved two of the designs and wanted to find a way to combine them into one interesting design. We explored with horizontal and vertical formats, and also keeping or removing parts of the letters. The final design fits Avery and Insite Developments perfectly. The repeating lines within the icon communicate feel like a modern take on wood grain, and allow the shape of a speed square, a capital I and a capital D to hide within the icon. 

    Insite Developments can be found on Instagram and you can also see all the beautiful work that Avery has made. His attention to detail is incomparable and his creativity is clear. 

  • New Work: Iron Elements

    Iron Elements is the design and creation of Bruce Porter, an Edmonton welder who has been in the business for 15 years. He recently decided to move into furniture design, with his pieces having a very industrial and modern tone to it. With his brand, Bruce wanted to ensure that his logo captured that aesthetic. 


    When researching for the design, I discovered that very few welders had inspiring or interesting branding. This left the door wide open for the direction that I could go with the Iron Elements branding. I flipped through the Iron Elements Instagram thoroughly to really get a sense of the work that Bruce is creating.

    initial concepts:

    I presented a range of logo designs that all felt modern and industrial, but really varied in weight and shape. They all took inspiration from the images I had seen on the Iron Elements Instagram page, and the beautiful lines within their creations.

    revised concepts:

    Bruce selected the design he liked but asked to see some variations on the M within the design. Once we had revised design, the final design was selected and the logo was completed. We applied to logo to a custom business card which I will feature in the coming weeks. You can see the beautiful work of Iron Elements on their Instagram page and you can also find his contact information there as well!

  • New Work: SideQuests Adventures Inc

    Sidequests Adventures Inc is the newest addition to the escape game market in Edmonton. They came to me looking for a logo for their new business and I was so excited at the prospect of designing their brand. I had heard so much about escape and adventure games, and thought it was such an interesting opportunity.


    The Sidequests team really emphasized when we met that that they wanted to include an exclamation point within their logo. Within the world of gaming, the exclamation point represents where you go to get your quest and also can appear about a characters head in a game. They also knew that they were going to be opening along 104 street, which is known for having a more historic tone. Because of this, they wanted to ensure their branding was going to fit the neighbourhood that it was going to be located.

    initial concepts:

    I presented a variety of initial designs that all contained the exclamation point but also played with an assortment of vintage design notions and gaming related icons. 

    revised concepts:

    We adjusted the design on the selected concept to make the exclamation point and the Q within the jewel more obvious. From there, we worked through colour. They had originally thought of including yellow within the design, but after seeing the colour concepts, they decided that green was the perfect fit for them. 

    Sidequests Adventures Inc will be opening in the Spring of 2016 and will be the perfect place to take a group for a fun outing or team building. Check them out online, on Facebook and on Twitter!

  • New Work: Charlotte L. Clarkson Branding

    Charlotte Clarkson is an Edmonton based accountant who came to me to design her logo to start new business. Charlotte had previously worked with the Jenelle from Pink Polka Invitations & Stationery on her wedding invitation set, so she had a very good idea of what aesthetic she liked and how to work with a designer.

    She was looking for something tailored and clean. Something that reflected the professional nature of her business. After our meeting, I really had a good sense of Charlotte's personality and how that was going to play into her brand.    


    As usual, my process started with research. I always spend time doing research on what other businesses in a similar field are doing, and within the accounting profession, I found the designs to be all fairly similar, focused mainly on typographic solutions versus anything with a more designed tone. This played into my initial concepts I presented to Charlotte. 

    initial concepts:

    When we had met, Charlotte wasn't sure if she wanted something purely type based or something with an icon. I wanted to show her both options, but really felt a monogram of some kind was going to fit her well. 

    revised concepts:

    Charlotte really liked the double C square concept. It has strong aesthetic while maintaing clean lines and being a visually interesting icon. She asked that we split the frame to capture the L in her name, which was an idea I just loved. It added so much more visual interest to the design and was a great way of subtly including that L. from her brand name.

    When moving to colour, I had to be very mindful of Charlotte's taste. She loves classic neutrals and I wanted to make sure we stayed true to that. I explored using metallics and neutrals like black and gray to give her brand pop. We played with rose gold versus standard gold, but we ultimately decided that classic gold was going to maintain that timeless brand quality, and avoid the logo becoming dated too fast.

    The final design is one that has visual punch, but really captures Carlotte's desire for a tailored brand perfectly. We moved to a full stationery set, including business cards, letterhead, envelope and label after the logo was completed. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for a profile on those designs.